Little Laveau

Little Laveau - a Magical Bedtime Story


This is the first book in the Little Laveau series.

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Little Laveau - Bayou Beware!

Little Laveau synopsis


 Join 'Little Laveau' in this wonderful children's book as she journeys around the magical Louisiana Bayou, helping friends and animals wherever she goes! A perfect bedtime story for those who need a 'little' encouragement along the way.

Little Laveau's friend Thomas is having bad dreams and he doesn't know what to do. Luckily Little Laveau has just the cure!

"When you have a bad dream gather up all those bad thoughts and put them in a jar. Take that jar and sprinkle those dreams right down the drain. They flow through the rivers and out into the sea, the salt water washes them clean and takes out all the scary! Then they get swept up onto the beach as grains of sand where the sun warms the bad right out of them all day long. That’s what the beautiful beach is made of, bad dreams turned good and beautiful by the ocean and the sun."

Full of fantastic watercolor illustrations, this is a must-read for any young explorer with a love for animals and an eye for (little) details! 

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new orleans area: 

nola Kids (Royal and Chartres St.)

Voodoo Authentica

Kitchen Witch

Garden District Book Shop

Island of Salvation Botanica

 (New Orleans Healing Center)

Bywater Clothing

F & F Botanica

Rosalie Apothecary

Oak Alley Plantation

Up/Unique on Magazine

Jade Austin on Magazine

Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour

Dark Lady NOLA on Magazine

Destrahan Plantation

Louisiana Music Factory (Frenchman)

1850 House- Louisiana State Museum

Peaches Records

Audubon Zoo

...and any location where River Road Press books are sold!

new york:

Black Cat Gallery (Owego)


Little Laveau - a Magical Bedtime Story


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Little Laveau - Bayou Beware!


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handmade Dream Jar


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each Dream Jar (featured in Little Laveau - a Magical Bedtime Story) is handmade by the author. plastic jar with glittered inside, battery tea light and special gemstone detail to fill up with last nights dreams.